Monday, 9 April 2012

Tests and Developments

After talking to my stylist about my project she suggested shooting at winspit caves in swanage. There has been a few people who have shot there, she knew it from a music video she had helped out on. I decided to go with an open mind, as the shots she had shown me looked really interesting we did a quick location scout before going to do the test. I was originally more interested in the ruins next to the quarry as I thought they could represent the paris riots. However upon seeing them I wasn't sure if that connection would be quite weak, and that I should just go with shooting against the rock and experimenting with material for the texture.

I think the shoot went really well, these are my most successful images from the day, I have a few more I am happy with but don't want to completely ruin the surprise with my next shoot. I think because the location is well known in this area I am a little comprehensive with shooting there, however we were told to make the most of our Dorset location for these projects as I probably wont be living here again. I wanted to use the rock as more as a background, getting inspiration from the previous editorials I had looked at and the advice to look at Ryan Mcginley's cave series. I think these inspired me to go out and do something different to what I usually do and the results for my test have come out well.

The styling is still not quite there or consistent, so I need to work closer with my stylist to bring it together more, we still need to source a few more outfits and put it all together for the final series.

Overall it was a great day, watch this space for the final shoot!

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  1. wow! Loving this set! I love what you did with the netting.

    Shanna T (