Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Hunger Games

Judianna Makovsky

I recently watched The Hunger Games at the cinema, I wasn't really interested in seeing it, in fear that it would be like Twilight, but I did really enjoy it. My favorite character quickly became Effie Trinket, played by Elizabeth Banks. Not for her personality or in terms of the story line, purely because of the styling used. The whole Capitol had incrediable costumes, and it made me think back to the Edward Sissorhands references I had looked at earlier in my project. The stylist Judianna Makovsky created elaborate costumes, helped visualised by the author Suzanne Collins. Like Scissorhands I liked how most things were matching, and how the Trinket wore several different styles throughout the film.

Everything is over the top, the big cuts, wigs and patterns on the outfits. They have been so thoughfully designed. I liked the use of the pastel colours in the hair, especially the purple. If I were to style my project I would want it too look like this. It is always great to see styling like this in films, at a higher budget and consistency than most celebrities. I love how it is set in the future, I keep coming across futuristic feelings to images and films which I think helps with the re-touching I do. Showing that the future and the past can be envisioned at the same time. 

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