Monday, 2 April 2012


This week I have been looking at the Asian Models blog again for inspiration for my editorial. I think looking at it does open me up to so much more than just flicking through English magazines. I have chosen four editorials that have caught my eye and that I could use to influence my work. I have chosen them for different reasons and will write notes on what I like about them.

Rony Shram - Harper's Bazaar Vietnam

I love how she is laying down with her eyes closed

The hair and make up is really beautiful, love the lipstick

I think what I love the most about these images is the energy and feeling I get from them. The shoot looks like it has a high production value because of its location. The lighting and tone of the photos looks very sunny and cheerful, but then we take a double take with the model as she seems in her own world and maybe even a little distressed. I think she looks like a socialite, in her expensive apartment and on the roof top contemplating. The backdrop of the city is exciting, I think because of her posing it does make it seem like it is very still, rather than a busy place.

What I could take from this shoot is some of her poses, I want to shoot something much darker, but I do really like the look of worry in her face. Is it worry, or dis-interst? I think the images are very interesting and I would love to take something from them and incorporate that within my shoot. 

Flower Power by Mark Segal - Vogue China 

This is another shoot that caught my eye on the blog. I think what i really like about it is the cold tone to the images, it has a real winter appeal with the use of the background and tones used. The first thing that drew me to it was the material over the models face, how it changes her identity and you are unsure of who she is. The images have movement, I think my favourite is the one with the material over her, as her body is dramatic and shapely, matching the flow of the fabric. I think these images do look like campaign standard, rather than an editorial, maybe it is because of the background. I don't think these images have as much as a narrative as the story before, maybe it is because I see them as more glossy.

The darker eye make up does draw my attention in more in shoots, thinking bout it for my project. 

I love the dramatic use of material in both these images

Snake Wave by Kim Tae Woo - Vogue Korea

I think these were interesting to me because the model does not look typically asian. Her hair colour made me look instantly, rather than brushing over them. I then noticed the texture of the rocks around her, which is really beautiful. Because these images were taken on such a sunny day it does look exotic, like the first series I looked at. Again I do not thing they have as strong of a story line as Shram's photos, but they are unique fashion images. The rocks do really interest me, as I have been looking at texture for a while now. Smugglers bay could have potential rocks like this? Would it reflect my storyline or should I just run with something I find visual interesting? 

I really love how the light picks up the texture, I think I am more interested in the background than the styling of the images.

The rocks look a little bit like out of space.

Desert Rose by Whee Kim for NuYou 

I think I was attracted to this shoot because of the previous images I had looked at. I like the idea of shooting against rock more and more because I have never really done a location shoot and feel it would benefit my portfolio. I am looking at lots of bright images, but I feel I would want to create slightly darker images. I do really love the square crops with this series and that is something I would like to do with my work. I think these images are a little bit off topic with what I am researching but I think I should look more into texture and what that could mean for my images. 

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