Tuesday, 27 March 2012


From my test shoot I decided that I should develop my work to be more edgy and dark, to get the best results for this project. I think by doing some thing different to my previous work it will benefit how I make images. This week I am looking at Primal, a February 2012 editorial in Dazed & Confused. Shot by Serge LeBion, the images are really interesting and edgy. I like the use of the darkness and how dramatic the models are. Like Good Kate, Bad Kate the location is interesting and that does really add to the shoot. From the series, the three images I have picked up on are the most interesting. In the first two I really like the model's hair, in the first it creates a new texture to the image, and with the second it does blend in to the background. I think the styling here would be something I would love to do for my shoot, the use of sheer material does catch my attention with the second image, and maybe adding in layers of it could be something I experiment with. 

I think one of my biggest problems with the shoot will be how I make the styling look like high fashion.  Although this is titled Primal, the clothing is still expensive looking. How can I portray a poor, heart broken character? 

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