Saturday, 24 March 2012

Knitted 1950s Hair Shoot

I had my third shoot today, for my knitted hair portrait series. On the search for a model with my other project I had come across Toni. I kept her in the back of my mind and then when it came to sorting this project out I contacted her as I really wanted to shoot with her. 

The hair piece was baby blue, inspired by the 1950s and Katy Perry's use of the eras styling. I was using one of my favourite make up artists, Danielle, who I had worked with on several other projects. She was very attentive with what was working with the make up, as well as helping me place the piece on. 

I had some problems positioning it, as it was one of the harder pieces to put in position, however it payed off once it was on properly, as it began to really mimic the hair. 

I shot with a range of blue and purple gels on the background, but settled with blue on blue, to be coherent with my project. 

Later on we tried using some tattoo lips, as Danielle had them. I thought they were really interesting, but where I hadn't used them in any of the other photos they would have been odd in the series. I can use them as a stand alone image. 

I was happy with the use of the big eye lashes, nice brows and nude lips. I wanted to keep it fresh and contemporary. We changed the eye shadow colour a few times and I am really happy with the end result. 

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