Thursday, 12 April 2012

Studio Marisol

There are many artists that work with hair. I think this is an amazing example of hair as high fashion. The oversized piece on the first two images is extraordinary, with the plaits changing size and creating a piece that makes you ask "how did they do that". It creates quite a stern character. I think with big hair it is easy to think of judges hair, which is not contemporary at all. These on the other hand have some kind of life to them. Even the image where the model is naked with the piece covering her face. She looks like a mannequin, perfectly formed, showing this beautifully crafted piece on her head. I like the way you can see the hair as well. It does make me think maybe I could try something like this, going more artistic and abstract, however I am not sure how well it would fit with my vintage era idea. 

Finally I found the fourth image. I love the idea of knitting hair, I think that would be such an interesting thing to do on a larger scale, but I am worried about the production value and how much it would cost. If I am using so many yards of wool for my project and that is costing a fair amount, how much would hair cost?

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