Saturday, 14 April 2012

1970s Knitted Hair Portrait

Today I had my 1970s shoot. I had a Natalie from Portsmouth come down for it. I found from my research I really liked the Farah Fawcett flick, however didn't want to completely recreate her. I had also been looking at Diana Ross and when casting my models I could see the potential to use her influence with Natalie. Through out my research I had liked the heavy lashes on the bottom lips. I had seen them in my visuals and with my blogger images. 

The hair piece was inspired more by the flick of the era, using tassels to mimic the hair. Looking at the contemporary versions of the 70s inspired hair I like the flatter hair with the middle parting. This was my main inspiration. The only fault in the piece was that I had made it way too long. As I was only doing a headshot I should have realised this when casting on. I think it could have been half the size.

I decided to use the purple headband to break the hair up a bit, and to add a hippy style to it, so that the era would be reinforced. I love Natalie's big eyes and lips, as I felt they referenced Diana Ross perfectly.

I made the piece in green, as again I felt it was quite organic and free. Mixing and matching the stereotypes of the time.

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