Monday, 12 March 2012

Good Kate, Bad Kate

Good Kate, Bad, Kate caught my eye in W Magazine, photographed by Steven Klein with Kate Moss styled incredibly, I thought it would be an interesting reference for my project. I am looking to shoot soon for my Eponine Project and deciding which style I want to work with. I do not want to copy any other photographer, and although we have been told to look at other references other than fashion, it is always good to know who is doing what.

The over sharpened effect on the photos gives a painting like quality, in the strange world that this is set in. The location is dirty and gritty, matching the style of the images. With the work I am making I need to consider everything works together. Here the clothing matches the images, the whites representing a 'Good Kate' and the blacks a 'Bad Kate', giving a strange relationship with religion, Kate herself, and the location it is set in. They are powerful images, and I think that is what attracts me to them. I would like to create something with emotion, that is not just about the clothing, but connects all the elements to make a sound final series. 

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