Friday, 16 March 2012

Knitted Finger Wave Shoot

Today I had my second knitted hair piece shoot. I had finished making a baby pink finger wave piece. I found making the piece harder than the beehive, as I had to try and get the texture of the hair to appear. i think it went okay, I used a lacey stitch to get the wave initially running through the piece. I knitted it long enough to double it over then stuff and sew into place.

I used a pink gel, and Louise used her 1920s make up skills, as she had recently learnt them in her course. This photo shows both my model and her looking lovely and smiling! We decided we needed to soap the eyebrows however it did not go that well which means I have to sort that out in post production.

The shooting process when much faster than my beehive, as I had a clearer idea of the set up. After a tutorial with Conrad he said not to change the lighting too much, or it wouldn't look like a series. I stuck to the beauty dish, with a diffuser. I think the final photo has a lot of potential, however it will need a fair amount of retouching.

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