Friday, 2 March 2012

60s Beauty Ads

I have my knitted beehive shoot later today, so I needed to get some reference images for my make up artist. I am posting them on my blog so I have them for my sketch book.

Avon 1960

I like this advert, I think it is really lovely with the pink background, towel and table. Everything is very girly and luxurious. It looks like it is aimed at a house wife. I like the hair, with the volume and curls. I also love the bigger brows and the red lipstick.

Charles of Ritz 1962
This advert really caught my eye because it is so quirky. As I want to do something similar I thought it would be a great image to reference. This is more like an afro made of fuzz and bows. I love her position in the frame and the crop on the head pice. The make up matches some of the blue in the head pice, as well as the earrings. I am not sure if I like the red lipstick. I think that if it was a softer pink, like the bows, it would fit better. However the red is punchy and does draw your attention in.

Helene Curtis 1961
I like this advert because the hair is trying to reflect the bottle, with the lid on the top. It is very yellow, which I like as the beehive I am shooting follows the same tones. I thought it would be a good reference as I could then see what make up palette they have used. I like the lips a softer shade of red, and the eye make up not that heavy.

Revlon 1964
I also thought this would be a great image to show my make up artist, as it has the big beehive and the props all over it. Giving the idea of how far I can push the make up. I really love this photo, as it looks so effortless. The flick on the eye make up is really dramatic and the brows are a nice dark shade and look flawless. The lipstick matches the nails on her hand, which looks so delicate and finely placed. Also love how her cheek bones have a small amount of blush on to bring them out more.
Clairol 1969
I think this photo is really interesting, how the hair is also being used as a prop, tied around her like a scarf is visually quirky and makes you believe the hair is warm and soft. I really love the eye make up in this, the lashes look so perfect. I think all these images have quite a graphic look to them, which is something I would like to create with mine.

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  1. It seems we have a similar 'obsession' with hair...