Saturday, 3 March 2012

Knitted Beehive Shoot

Today I had my first real shoot for my knitted hair project. I done two previous test shoots with a different style of hair piece with Faith as a test model. I cast my model Holly because I thought she had a really strong side profile and a good potential 60s look to her. It was the first time I met my make up artist, Louise. I  generally get on really well with other Louises so it was really exciting. 

The beehive took ages to make, I decided to use the hexypuff technique I had seen on the bee keepers quilt, but shape it into the hives. I knitted so many hexagons, sewed them all up and then used strong flower wire to put it into shape. I wanted to make it as a working wig, but from the wire and then stuffing it, it became so heavy and the back became a little bit of a waste. 

Shooting it was a nightmare! But it was still fun. I had a yellow gel on the background and two polly boards to block it out, then a beauty dish lighting my model. Faith was assisting me and had to crouch down on the floor propping up the hive throughout the shoot. I used a yellow theme with the eye make up.

I felt for a first shoot I had the excuse for it to go a little wrong, the images I produced I was really happy with. Louise put her hair up in the hive because I had not made a fringe for it, but hopefully I can re-shoot this and get everything perfect.

Beehive in the making, on the wrong side

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