Thursday, 1 March 2012

Edward Scissor Hands

I wanted to look at Edward Scissorhands for this project. I have looked at several unusual hair styles, but this film is one which I knew I could look at for styling ideas. I am concentrating on the scene where Edward cuts the ladies hair. Set in the late 80s the film is vivid and in a world of its own. Edward is brilliant at cutting hedges, and then begins cutting dogs hair and eventually humans. 

The styles he creates are quirky and interesting, and the women are engrossed with the process of having their hair cut. Concentrating on the visuals the hair is so interesting and would have been quirky, even for the 1990s, when it was released. As the whole film deals with American subcultures and stereotypical characters seeing how, even if it was for a short time, Edward transforming them is refreshing. 

I think what I can draw from this film is the visual style. It is very bold and vivid. I love how all the characters always seem to be matching or in one colour. Such as above, with the orange top and earrings. Everything seems to work so well together, but underneath it is a difunctional society, wary and cruel to outsiders. 

Things to think about:
The use of matching colours, colour on colours to reflect a vivid but perfect world. Like in Hollywood portraits you would never guess anything has gone wrong. On the surface the actress is smiling and happy. 

Hair styles: going vintage per era or creating a range of crazy styles, that are more obscure. 

Quirky and different models. 

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