Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Anna and Georgina by Sarah Moon

I am currently developing my project, and looking at other practitioners who I am inspired by. These images by Sarah Moon for W Magazine are interesting. I really like the technique used to create them. The use of texture makes them eye catching and different to regular fashion magazines. I am not sure if I'm a huge fan of the styling on the first image, but the others are really beautiful. I like the third one down the best, as the model becomes blurred in the backgound. It feels sombre, and it looks like she is focusing on something below. It remind me of really old photographs, like the ones Faith showed me of the Victorians for her last project. 

The one thing I can take from this shoot would be the use of texture. How could I use this within my images? Do I need to? I really love the idea that the texture does change our perspective of the subject, and there becomes a barrier between the viewer and subject. Maybe images like this raise more questions, they are certainly more art based than the images I usually look at, but that is different and refreshing. 

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