Saturday, 17 September 2011

Three lovely days and a trip to a&e


On Friday I went up to Hylands House to be a wedding photographer, something I had never done before. As I knew the bride and groom it was quite nice, a real Walker day out as my mother did the hair for the bride and my father shot along side me. The wedding was beautiful making it a pleasure to shoot!

On saturday I went back up to Hylands to do a shoot. Thanks to my friends Truly Madly Vintage we had some lovely pieces to shoot with, as well as sneaking some of my foxes in!


Sunday was my day out with I Knit London, however things did not run as smoothly as I had planned. With my sister Kate we headed up to London on a slow train making us 20 mins late and missing the special train we had tickets to go on. As Kate predicted everything worked out and we had a lovely day on vintage trains, busses and looking at beautiful classic cars. We also headed over to the V&A to see their exhibition 'The Power of Making' which was amazing. They had a giant piece of knitting which only furthered my want for 28mm needles. My favourite exhibit was the crochet bear, I think it was to scale but I couldn't be sure! It was beautifully done and an inspiration for my next project. I believe when you see what you truly love doing exhibited in a way such as this you do feel a pride of being apart of the knitting community.

Monday started off well, I saw an old friend and later my parents dress rehearsal for the show they are currently starring in. A while ago my sister told me if I ran my knitting needles through my hair the grease made it easier to knit, so as I knitted in the dark with a vintage pair of 3 3/4 needles and the wool being a little tough to knit with I misjudged my head and stabbed myself in the ear.
With an explosion of pain and a ringing I never knew existed off to a&e we went. Luckily I had only made a huge hole in my ear drum and not destroyed my inner ear, however It's not healing too fast :( I'd like to be in Bournemouth for Friday so I'm praying it'll be okay!

So here's a little update on my knits this week:
And finally Happy Birthday Dad :) had a lovely meal at Frankie and Bennys despite my leaky ear! Going to make you a fabulous scarf and hat once I can walk in a straight line :)

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