Thursday, 8 September 2011

Patterns and Patterns and Patterns

Although I knit everyday the items I am knitting are only really seen by my facebook friends. As I receive requests mainly from friends I don't worry too much about promoting myself.  However, a couple of days ago a friend from Bournemouth asked if I could knit her a cat for her mothers birthday on Sunday, so with a day and a half to do it I recorded the pattern rather than free handing it. She sent me a couple of photos of knitted cats she liked and the real life cat I was basing it on. Luckily I had a ball of smoking black wool so I could start on it right away. Here are some photos of the cats transformation and you can see the final project on my free pattern page. I sold it via Etsy, so it is my first 'official' sale! I have now submitted the pattern to Ravelry and another website so I hope people enjoy it! 

Yesterday I started on a snowy fox I could use on a shoot on Saturday! I need to get the body finished, but will do that on my machine! I also wanted to do another red one for the shoot however I may just have to take my first one! I've got a busy weekend ahead, a wedding tomorrow, fashion shoot saturday and day out with I Knit on sunday! I really hope the weather is nice!


  1. oh wow! love the knitted cat.
    am in awe of anyone who can knit anything as fiddly as that - in a day and a half no less :-)
    love to see your blog too.

  2. There is nothing better than crafting the soft toys! In crochet it's amigurumi, I've made all sorts from fairytale toys to sheep to bears!
    Also well done on selling a pattern on etsy! Isn't etsy addictive also, I'm forever buying crochet patterns on there, maybe sometime I'll be able to write a pattern too!
    Kate :)