Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Skinny Love

Its officially the end of my summer and what a way to spend it. After months of sitting and knitting my cruel and ironic finale, by the fate of a knitting needle, leaves me sitting and knitting for one more week. Honestly I needed this summer, almost to repent and rediscover myself as an individual. For two years I've been very caught up with these ideas of love and 'soul' searching, the fear of being single and the depression that came with losing friends. It may have taken some time but I do feel at peace and all those moments that felt like the end of the world wash over and I can just smile.

The combination of some very good friends, knitting and learning about a different way of life has done wonders on my personality. I may have seemed hidden away but I'm about ready to get back into the world. Going back to university excites me as I'll be working on a different game plan.

I have so much to blog about and patterns I'd really like to post but I drove myself crazy knitting my dad a hat for his birthday. As I was ill for it I wanted it to be lovely for him and staying up till 4am may have warped the design slightly. So watch this space for all my new uploads, but for now I've gotta go back up to Bournemouth and make the most of my student time.

Dads Hat 
Pattern I made and worked from
Where The Wild Things Are hat designed, made and modelled by me! haha

The reason behind my 'accident' was this hat here. My dear friend Kris asked me to make it for him and whilst knitting it the trauma occurred. I don't blame him for what happened.... much! 

Spongebob Design
So when I was last at uni, April some time, I was knitting a jumper for some guy I was seeing (rookie mistake, stick with quick knit hats or scarfs for men with potential). I stopped knitting it but picked it up last week when I was ill. I had the back made and the start of the front, however had lost the pattern. The result in shape is a little mis-match, however designing the face was fun and a prototype really. I'll upload the picture design as soon as I get a chance to digitalise it!

Finished front, the back looks a little crazy! 

Finished the embroidery on JC and made the back on my machine! Just need to stitch that together! 
Also this week I've been making a red fox to send off to America, I've got its ears to sew on then its ready to go! Just want a lovely box to put it in!

Grumpy and hard at work!

Three foxes!

My work room I'm sadly leaving. 
 Soooooo I'm sorry if my postings a little all over the place. I've gone into over drive as I've so much to do and no time! Click click see you in Bournemouth!

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