Saturday, 3 September 2011

Sly Days

Yesterday I met with make up artist Laura Jane Brown to talk about the shoot we are doing on the 10th. Over a Starbucks she showed me her ideas and the models which she had sourced, who were all beautiful! We then headed down to Truly Madly Vintage to get some styling ideas and purchase ourselves some lovely pieces.

We picked out some items and had a good look through the shop! I brought a skirt and a pair of amazing trousers. After some charity shopping we visited Hammonds photography studio to talk about doing some headshots. Overall it was a fantastic start to the day.

Once I had returned home I had a fox to finish and whilst browsing facebook saw that I Knit London were giving away 10 tickets to ride a vintage tube train with their knitting circle. I phoned up and got two tickets! So next weekend I have a wedding to shoot, a fashion shoot and a trip to London! I hope the weather holds up!

With my uncle ordering a fox I decided to make it on my machine. It was a lot quicker and had a neater feel to him, although i did hand knit the head. There were a couple of nicks but the more I am using the machine the better I am getting. I am really just playing around with the design, making each one different and seeing what works. This one has a much lighter feel to him than my first, and the wool is darker like the monocle fox. I would like to do one in a lighter, ginger colour. And speaking of that I'm dying my hair today :O

And lastly I have been working on a small fox for a stop motion I am planning to do next term. I will be knitting the whole set, so it is a big project! Watch this space :)))

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