Sunday, 21 August 2011

Unicorns Are Forever

A couple of days ago I went down to my favourite wool shop on Cardigan Road to purchase some wool! I came out with cream and pink and an idea to finally design a unicorn jumper.
I wanted it to be based on Christmas patterns but replacing the traditional deers with unicorns. Using some graph paper I constructed the pattern and started knitting it! So this is my progress so far.

I also saw this comment to my sister which made me smile :)))) and today got chatting with a clothing designer who I may be knitting some bobble hats for! The monicle fox also seems to be a hit according to his lovely new owner and people have been googling my name! May start designing a website soon! Busy busy!


  1. Hi there .... I am looking for a pattern for a unicorn. My little Granddaughter would love one ... So would you share your pattern? I would really appreciate a pattern - or any advice you could give me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards

  2. Sorry - just clarify - I am looking for a sweater pattern with a Unicorn on it! Thanks.