Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Jurrasic Me

Today has been a day of surprise ups and downs. I think doing too much in one day makes looking back on it a little daunting, however it is the feeling you end on that carries you through to tomorrow. I've spent the day in the company of some of my favourite people, treated to lunch and dinner, made to feel like a king. I am ever so thankful to these people as they make me feel like me again, rather than the recluse I have become, they inspire me and most of all believe in me.
Dinner tonight was spent at Gerry and Ian's with Faith and Keith, we adventured into Wimborne to their beautiful farm house and had an amazing dinner, I can't remember the last time I laughed that much or felt comfortable as soon as I walked through the door! It is a lovely location for possible photo shoots and will keep that in mind for my next uni project! I believe I am being taken in the right direction for my knitting and things are beginning to take shape. Just chatting about the possibilities after graduation excite me, rather than wishing I didn't have to leave next year.

I want to really start thinking about my branding, who I am as an artist, rather than a commercial corporate being. Being shown this industry at uni which is very clean cut and generic somehow has never sat well with me, I'm not like that, I'm a complete train wreck of tangled wool and absolute tat. I'm starting to see there's more to taking a photo, any one and everyone is a photographer, I need more in my images and I think knitting is what I have been searching for. It's just me.

Click click click knitting will always make me happy.

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