Tuesday, 26 July 2011

It Doesn't Quite Feel Like A Holiday

With the weather being typically British, no money and an introvert attitude to socialising I find myself doing the same thing every day. When stuck in doors you begin to live your life virtually and although the knitting keeps me busy the television becomes company and facebook a place to inform those close 700 friends what your watching. In discovering Billie Holiday I do wish for simpler times. I know my social interaction is down to me, but what happened to the days of being swept off our feet, of class and adventure. It probably wasn't as incredible as Holiday makes me believe, but its a fantasy non the less.

Everything is overly romanticised in this music and so hard to relate to when Morrissey tells us people aren't meant to be together. Maybe I'm over thinking it all way to much, but I'd rather be educated by Billie Holiday than Morrissey any day and hopefully remembering this I'll enjoy modern living. Any way if I was living in the 40s I wouldn't be able to enjoy its vintage appeal now. Thursday I'll be on the look out for a new outfit with Youles, who is the best in Charity shopping and purchasing more stuff can only elevate the mood so I am looking forward to it immensely.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

iCandy and Donuts

Make up: Danielle Davis
Hair: Leah Pugsley

Last week I was asked to help out by my make up artist Danielle Davis and do a shoot for Robin James, a salon in Poole. Two of the hair stylists were entering a competition and needed somebody to do a few shots, however as most competitions are we were not aloud to use loads of make up or any re-touching so the submitted images look quite different.
Danielle did the make up and (as always) did an amazing job and although the images I shot are for the hair I wanted to edit this one first. The salon was beautiful and I was invited back for a free wash and blow dry and even got a bag of donuts from Danielle - lavvellly!!

After a drunken chat the other night with a couple of my course mates I feel they really cheered me up about 'being a photographer' and from editing this I do feel more inspired. This was just naturally lit and I'm happy with the result. Watch this space for more photos and my write up from the last week!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Kiss The Boys Goodbye

After being ill for a couple of days, sleeping none stop and drinking coke to avoid the sugar crash, I had the energy to knit way into the night. 2am and I'm ever so tired but just cant sleep.
So I followed a new pattern for a flower, using double sided needles. It took a lot longer than using regular needles but took less sewing up than the roses. I also made Faith a present that I am sporting in the second photo :)

Z z z can I fall asleep now and stop listening to Heaven 17?

Friday, 15 July 2011

Faith and Religion

Over the past week I've started writing posts but have been so busy they have been left unfinished! I'll be home in a few days so once I'm back I can do a full write up, making this a pre-blog in a moment of solitude.
I have had the most amazing last few days in Bournemouth and have reached a shade slightly darker than eggshell white! My amazing new tan is making me feel confident and fabulous! It's either that or the lovely people I've been surrounded by. I think it can be easy to take these people for granted especially when your up in the clouds and not quite ready to come down. But they're there for you always and I know I'll love them forever - maybe this is what true love is, that sex and the city idea our best friends are our soulmates.
It's been a week of wishing, mainly for tuna and cheese paninis and yumyums! But also for more adventure, I hope when I come back during the summer I can go on the swan boats, which I have been desperate to do for two years but never asked anyone to go with me.
Speak up Louise or you'll never do anything you really want to.
Finally, Faith and I also spotted potential graduation dresses, if I had £60 it'd be mine. If I had more I'd be in 'Holland' with Lucy Kendrick! How I miss her and our pizza nights. I can't wait to be in my house next year, it'll be a blast!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Looking at what is trending on twitter I discovered it's national kissing day. As I have nobody to kiss I'm spending the day with the dog continuing with my knitting. I'm missing Bournemouth a little bit, not my house, but all the friends I had at the start of the year soooo on my trip up there tomorrow I'll try and see as many people as I can, and continue the Pride Arts trail with Faith.

I'm also wanting to dye my hair lighter again.

I've completed four flowers and whilst doing them contemplating what to knit next. I want to create a headwear collection for when I'm back at uni and can use the studios and my amazing team to shoot them. Thinking about uni I still need to update my website, which I may do now.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

There's a lot to do while your head is still young

Today started well, a lazy morning of knitting, thrilling murder mystery tv and the best of Belle & Sebastian. The happiness I had of finally having a freshly washed boob tube that I could pair up with my favourite Zara skirt was quickly destroyed by being told it was inappropriate to wear to my trip to the job agency. So I covered up and off to Witham we went.

After filling out some forms we had a quick look round the charity shops, which are 'the best' according to my sister. I was quite happy as I found some cheap wool - £1.30 DK Kaleidoscope, a vase to put the flowers I am making in and a brilliant skirt. (Sorry for the horrible quality of the photos) The skirt was £3 from the YMCA shop and as it was quite long I decided to diy it and turn it into a dress. Using a belt and unzipping it I roughly made it up, I'll have to sew a little bit of it up for it to be wearable! Another item to add to my floordrobe :)

charity shop win!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Sl1 k'wise Inc1 Inc1 k3

Tonight I picked up my (old) 8 needles and started knitting again. For my Nans 70th Birthday I decided to knit her a bunch of flowers! I'm working on roses at the moment and as I left my double sided needles at home I'm limited on the patterns I can follow.

A couple of weeks ago Nan and I visited the cheap shop to buy some wool, I asked her to pick the colours for a patchwork I wanted to make! Little did she know it was for the flowers! So hopefully she'll love them.

This is the pattern I used for the flower, it was easy to follow and gave a great result! I'll adapt it slightly so the flowers are on wires rather than on a pin.


You'll Speak When You're Spoken To

Everything's a bit of a mess at the moment. I now know not to unpack everything in 5 minutes desperately trying to find a boob tube to wear. I've finally finished my second year at uni and I've found I've lost interest in photography, fashion, most things really. So I've decided to write more personal blogs and see where they take me. Recently I let the people around pull me down and everything got kind of hazy and I'm just coming out of the daze.

I think it takes a lot to realise your own potential, if you are a less than confident person you worry about others judgement and this definitely holds me back. I have a year left to 'grow up' and face those people. I'm going to California after I graduate; photographer or not.

Over the last few months I have grown back into myself, especially as somebody took so much of that away at the start of uni. I'm realising that no one can define me and even if another person makes you feel insecure, unattractive and lonely its not my problem they're heartless.

So to continue being myself I was 'allowed' some new glasses! Featured in my photo they are by the fabulous Specsavers! When choosing them my glasses consultant informed me it was the older generations mainly interested in the pair and tried to redirect me to the Gok section. Bun that, these are purple.

And finally rediscovering a love for the Editors.