Friday, 15 July 2011

Faith and Religion

Over the past week I've started writing posts but have been so busy they have been left unfinished! I'll be home in a few days so once I'm back I can do a full write up, making this a pre-blog in a moment of solitude.
I have had the most amazing last few days in Bournemouth and have reached a shade slightly darker than eggshell white! My amazing new tan is making me feel confident and fabulous! It's either that or the lovely people I've been surrounded by. I think it can be easy to take these people for granted especially when your up in the clouds and not quite ready to come down. But they're there for you always and I know I'll love them forever - maybe this is what true love is, that sex and the city idea our best friends are our soulmates.
It's been a week of wishing, mainly for tuna and cheese paninis and yumyums! But also for more adventure, I hope when I come back during the summer I can go on the swan boats, which I have been desperate to do for two years but never asked anyone to go with me.
Speak up Louise or you'll never do anything you really want to.
Finally, Faith and I also spotted potential graduation dresses, if I had £60 it'd be mine. If I had more I'd be in 'Holland' with Lucy Kendrick! How I miss her and our pizza nights. I can't wait to be in my house next year, it'll be a blast!

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