Friday, 10 May 2013


If you're wondering why I've been so quiet the last month its not because my wrists have finally given in and I'm awaiting surgery to become Edward knitting needle hands, its that they've been very busy on a commission for Boden

For the Mini Boden fall/winter 2013 press day I was asked to knit six taxidermy style animal heads - a fox, jack russell, rabbit, badger, deer and mole. I was also asked to knit moss stitch squares in the seasons colour palette. The press day was at Somerset House, and the effort made across each room was fabulous as you can see in the photos! The decor and props matched the beautiful clothes - I cant wait for next season. 

The pieces are humorous and quirky, following my style of knitting, I loved making them and using incredible luxury yarns. I wanted them to be quite chunky, using several strands of yarn to create different tones throughout the pieces. 

Here are some photos from the day:

The Mini Boden Room

With the squares I was given a list of the seasons colour palette, and I went out on many missions sourcing the colours. I enjoyed being able to use different types of yarn, especially the more expensive ones! I really enjoyed seeing them all together! 

Me infront of my squares!
I had such a lovely day, meeting new people and seeing my bestie Toni from and the fabulous Sarah Kendal! I also met Grace Woodward and Jenni Falconer whose beautiful daughter had the cutest reaction to the knitted deer head! It was so sweet. I also finally met Sprout, Johnnie's jack russell, who the knitted dog is based on. 

Toni, Sarah and I holding up Boden signs!
Jenni Falconer and Ella
Johnnie and Sprout and knitted Sprout!

The beautiful rooms at Somerset House

Foxy and I

It was pretty tough at the end of the day saying good bye to my knitted babies, but they're off to New York, which is really exciting. 

The heads will soon be available to buy at so keep watching this space :) 





  1. These were super, my daughter was really taken with them when we were there last week! I'm going to include a link back to your post in a round-up of all the Press Day blog posts if you don't mind. My readers love Boden so I wanted to bring them some additional pictures to my own as we'll all have captured different things :)


    1. Thank you :) That would be great, your blog is fabulous! xox

  2. I love love love these!! The fox is beautiful! I hate real mounted animal heads but these are so lovely!! I want one!!! Xx

  3. These are brilliant. I have just made the fox stole for a friend's sister and now she want one. Where do I find the pattern for the handbag and hat to match Louise? I would love to make them all x


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