Thursday, 19 June 2014


Hello, its been a long time since my last post where I was lucky enough to be reviewing the Tiny Owl Knits book. I've been even luckier since then and have been working on my own book, Faux Taxidermy Knits, which will be released *fingers crossed* in October. 

I've been hard at work making lots of creatures for you to knit, including tigers, badgers and hedgehogs. I've also moved from North London to the wonderful Brixton, I'm looking forward to trying every restaurant and coffee shop in the market, and adventuring out to find my nearest yarn store and maybe a knit and natter!

I want to get back into the swing of blogging by offering a free foxy pattern! I've got some exciting new projects underway so keep watching this space. 


This hat is a lovely quick knit project, perfect for the beginner knitter, or an expert with a spare night on their hands! Made in the perfect super chunky fox coloured yarn and knitted on 9mm needles its a project that'll make your winter a little more wild! 

To celebrate this pattern I'm having a clear out of my stash so I have a few balls and knitting needles on sale, so making this hat couldn't be easier, just click on the links or visit:

You will need:


Cygnet Seriously Chunky 
100% Acrylic | 48 meters / 52 yards per 100g
A Burnt Orange x 2 balls
B Cream x 1 ball  
9 mm Straight Needles 
Sewing up needle (I'll send one free with every etsy order) 

SIZE - Adult - one size fits all          TENSION - 8 sts and 11 rows to 10cm over St st on 9mm needles


K - Knit
K2tog - Knit 2 stitches together 
K3tog - Knit 3 stitches together 
P - Purl
SKP - Slip 1, Knit 1, Pass slipped stitch over
St st - Stocking Stitch/Stockinette: Knit a row, Purl a row

If making this hat in another yarn please ensure you knit a tension 10 x 10 cm square in stocking stitch first. It has been tested in the Cygnet and is perfect, but sizing may vary if using another yarn without making the square. 


The Hat
Using the long tail cast on method cast on 44 stitches in A, this will make up the first row.
Row 2 *P2, K2* all stitches
Row 3 - 18 Repeat row 2 
Row 19 - 30 Work in St st 
Row 31 *K2tog, K1* 14 times, to the last 2 stitches, K2 (30 sts)
Row 32 P
Row 33 *K2tog* all stitches (15 sts)
Row 34 P
Row 35 *K2tog* 7 times, K1 (8 sts)
Row 36 Cut the yarn and thread through the 8 stitches. Pull and weave in the end. Sew your hat up using a mattress stitch. 

The Ears - Back

Make 2
Using the long tail cast on method cast on 9 stitches in A, this will make up the first row.
Row 2 P
Row 3 K
Row 4 P
Row 5 K
Row 6 P
Row 7 K
Row 8 P
Row 9 SKP, K5, K2tog (7 sts)
Row 10 P
Row 11 SKP, K3, K2tog (5 sts)
Row 12 P
Row 13 SKP, K1, K2tog (3 sts)
Row 14 P 
Row 15 K3tog and bind off

The Ears - Front

Make 2
Using the long tail cast on method cast on 9 stitches in A, this will make up the first row.
Row 2 P
Row 3 K4a, K1b, K4a
Row 4 P3a, P3b, P3a
Row 5 K2a, K5b, K2a
Row 6 P2a, P5b, P2a
Row 7 K2a, K5b, K2a
Row 8 P2a, P5b, P2a
Row 9 SKP in a in a, K1a, K3b, K1a, K2tog in a (7 sts)
Row 10 P2a, P3b, P2a
Row 11 SKP in a, K1a, K1b, K1a, K2tog in a (5 sts)
Row 12 P2a, P1b, P2a
Row 13 SKP in a, K1a, K2tog in a (3 sts)
Row 14 P all stitches in a
Row 15 K3tog and bind off


Weave in all loose ends. Take a front and back ear piece and place together with the wrong side facing in. Pin and then sew up using a mattress stitch in a coloured yarn. Repeat this for the second ear.

Lay the hat down flat with the sewn up seam in the centre back. Place the ears 21cm from the cast on edge on either side of the hat, along the rounded decrease. Neatly sew into place using the a coloured yarn. Weave in the ends, roll up the brim and your hat is all ready to wear! 

© Copyright Louise Walker, 2016. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form without the written permission of the copyright holder. This pattern is not to be used for commercial purposes.


  1. Hi,

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    Sahmod Staff Member

  2. Thanks gonna give it a go. Have you got one for a panda? Or an adaption suggestion?

  3. This pattern is awesome! I really want to try but I'm very new at knitting. Would you consider making a video (of the sewing part especially)? This hat is just so cute! :)

  4. Hello!

    I was wondering how I could go about making this for a child? It seems like it might be big for a child.

    Do you have an adaptation?

  5. Use smaller needles and thinner yarn to make a smaller hat. You could try 4mm needles and DK yarn. Depends on how young the child is.

  6. Wat size needles n how many cast on sts for a 2mth old baby? Also wud u have a pattern or adaptation for a pair of matching mittens

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your work. Love it!

  8. Thank you so much for this pattern, just what I've been looking for.
    I'd like to share the result with you:

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I have made this hat so many times because its quick, easy and super cute. Great pattern!

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  12. Hi,

    Could you please help me? I am new to knitting and cannot find the cygnet yarn listed to purchase anywhere.

    What I have available to purchase are
    Bernat's Softee Chunky Yarn or the Lion Brand Hometown.

    Needles: 8mm (11us)
    Guage: 11sts/8cm and 14 rows
    Balls: 100g; 99m (108 yds)

    Lion Brand
    Needles: 9mm (13us)
    Gauge: 9sts/9cm and 12 rows
    Balls: 141g(5oz); 72m (81 yds)

    I am thinking of using the Lion Brand Hometown. Will that work?
    Should I still use the same 9mm straight needles as you listed?
    I would appreciate all the tips/suggestions you can give.

    And thank you for sharing the pattern. I love it and really want to make this!


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