Friday, 28 October 2011

Burnt Colours

'After the Hunt' by William Michael Harnett
Recently I found this painting by William Michael Harnett entitled 'After the Hunt' which I admired because of its autumnal colours and use of hunting equipment and game caught. In my sketch book I wrote how I should check the trends because if the autum/winter 2011 use some of these aspects my project will become more contemporary and relevant to this time in fashion. Looking at I found this image and an article on how burnt colours are in season. This is great as I can consider this with my styling and should add to the colours in the location I am using. 

Burberry Porsum's fall collection uses this beautiful red/orange colour which is not dissimilar to the walls in the house I am shooting in. For my work this is a really good thing as it shows I am on trend. We have been told not to look at too many other fashion photographers as not to copy them, so this is a good chance to have a look about what fashion is doing and to consider how to play it up to it in the images I am making. 

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