Saturday, 29 October 2011

Shooting Pheasants

I recently started making some more props for my shoot, I already have a couple of foxes and half an antler so I wanted to make something slightly different. I decided that pheasants were the next things to make. Here is a rather terrible photo of the pheasant, i have only made one wing for it as it should be featured side on so for the image. If I have time I'll make a second! 

The location I have secured is an old English farm house, from a friend of mine. Faith and I went down for a little test shoot with the lighting kit. I used Faith as a model with one of the dresses I will be using to get a feel for the location and how I could shoot it. 

With the shoot we can pretty much use any space in the house, it has three beautiful fire places and incredible red walls. I shot three test images as time was limited and I was adjusting to the place. My test image are featured below, I am not disappointed by them but they do not show my photography at its best. We did not have any hair, make up or styling so for a first attempt I think they show the potential of the final series. 

I showed these to a visiting tutor at uni, an art director from 125 magazine, and he did not like them and said I should go with still life focusing on the knitting. I was sent into dismay and didn't know what to do for the next few days. I later talked to another tutor and he said to shoot the fashion series as I have planned pretty much all of it. From here it is just finishing the knitting props and finalising all the dates, times and people helping on the shoot. 

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