Monday, 15 August 2011

Make Do and Mend

A small while ago my mother showed me an article in the paper about a new shop opening up called Make Do and Mend, I was ever so excited and a few days ago got to visit it. It was a beautiful shop with a range of local peoples work as well as craft supplies. After chatting with the owner Hannah and the general loveliness of the shop I have decided it is my favourite crafty shop of all time ever and I really wish them success.

What I really loved was the enthusiasm shown about hand making items and building up the creative community. They run several workshops and clubs which I will certainly be attending. Another thing that really inspired me was the giant knitting needles (28mm) in the shop window which I shall invest in once I have the money!

Visit their website

In other news I have had my first fox commission, I changed the pattern slightly and made him slightly quirky, so hopefully he'll be a hit! I decided to knit him in super chunky, so the make time was a lot quicker, however slightly more expensive! I have a third fox project underway and several other ideas for a collection which hopefully I will knit on the giant needles!!

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