Monday, 29 August 2011

The Crafts Place

Now days I generally wont leave the house without a pre-planned visit to a craft or wool shop and if I'm lucky enough to scrape together a couple of quid I will make a special effort to drive anywhere I know sells wool. After a week of work I was lucky to take out £20 spending money to one of my favourite places Wimborne with one of my favourite ladies Geri. We had a day of charity shopping, lunching and the highlight of the day visiting The Crafts Place.

Located by the river the shop completely overwhelmed me. I did not know where to look first! I think one of the things that really got me interested was that it did have the same feel to my bedroom, full of vintage and crafty things with a feeling of arty chaos. I really love a shop that sells local handmade items and even more seeing those pieces being made as you walk in.

Running various classes and workshops, The Crafts Place offers a very friendly service, answering my many questions. One thing that caught my eye was spinning and I was taught on the spot how to do it which lead me to invest in some felt to start spinning myself. As I was enquiring I discovered they had several knitting machines in perfect working order for £15 each. With £14 left in my pocket I asked Geri for £1 (an investment into my future) and purchased one. I left the shop feeling incredibly happy and would recommend anyone to visit it. I will defiantly be returning to learn how to crochet.

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