Monday, 29 March 2010

Angelas Bike

The One Eye Land website has so many amazing photos and this is one that really caught my eye. I loved the simplicity of it, although it is not a completely origional idea it has been done in such an interesting way. It must have been done in photoshop and reminds me of my disp project. It looks so realistic, I love the colour in the balloons as it brings out what is happening to the bike. I should really start doing simple stuff like this! As it works so well!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


As I looked more into androgyny in fashion I found more images for my project, I found this as one that really inspired me. I love how the model is very natural as if there is nothing 'wrong' with this image, well in this day and age there is nothing wrong with it, however it would have been seen as something completely controvisial in a different time. The look of this image is something I do want to intimidate, rather than creating in your face images. I think the approach does have to be soft for it to really work, holding beauty as well as that perfect balance between masuclin and femine. I have been researching alot into fashion theory and how I should go about photographing my images.

From my reserach I decided to do another test shoot, the image is not perfect (the crop is not right) I decided to try a sterner look with the model, however I found it was not really what I watned to create, it was not femine enough.

I wanted to compare it to the first style of image I shot, so here is another image from the shoot, it has not been fully edited but shows how it works better than this harsh approach.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Tim Walker

Alot of people love Tim Walkers work just because it is 'Tim Walker', so he is somebody I tend not to write about and admire from afar. However with our Digitial Darkroom project I wanted to create something quite magical, so I thought this was really a starting point. I do love this image, his work is always at such a big scale, unrealistic to recreate but breath taking to look at. I chose this image because it doesnot feature people in it, it is something different which is really interesting! For my project I want to look at large scale photography, and try and create something myself in the studio.

Monday, 8 March 2010


These are some more shots I produced from my second shoot for my CAP project, after researching old photos I styled the images and called in a make up artist to help me give a masculin look to my female model. I shot in film and digital, the top image is film, which has a slightly different colouring to it from the postproduction I did. I wanted to include it to show the difference between the two. I wish I had more time to shoot it in film and achieve some better shots. Overall I was really happy with the results of the shoot, and feel it came such a long way from my first test shoot.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


After my test shoot we had a crit where I was told the images looked very much like paintings. This week I have chosen some photos that I think also have this same look. The first I found on model mayhem (after a new found addiction to it) when looking through photographers and models. I thought the girl was really interesting, the light behind her does add to the image, however it can be faulted. I don't like how it suddenly becomes darker, it has this softeness to it then just looks marked. I think the painting look is achieved by the model and the styling, how she is posing and her expressing.