Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Paolo Roversi

I have always adored Paolo Roversi's work and in the current essay I am writing I discovered I found truth in photos that had a behind the scenes feel. This is what draws me to this image. I love how it turns this 'fake' fashion shot into something real, a real moment showing a real person, not just a well lit, well dressed model. I assume the stool is where she would be sitting for the shoot, it is like this photograph is defying that contrived fashion. I find a lot of his work is like that and this inspires me.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Hello Kitty Lady Gaga

After my last post I was interested in finding other photos based on cartoons. After a google search I found this, Lady Gaga for Hello Kitty. Hey eyes have been photoshopped to manga very well so they almost look real. To me it is quite unnerving, he blank stare contrasted with the glamour of the image. It is surreal, but interesting! The bow is wonderful on her Monroe style hair and the gold behind her illuminates her like a goddess. I'm still not sure if i'm a Gaga fan, I think she's just something to be jealous over rather than idolise, she's something you'll never be and its quite depressing. She does bring alot of inspritation for photographic ideas, as her style becomes recognised and liked, giving opotunities to create something that will be liked by the masses.

Monday, 21 December 2009


Again looking through Illusion 360 I found another amazing idea! For halloween Mac looks at creating different make up ideas, one being the Lichtenstein girl! I think you see alot of Litchenstein's work and not enough people use it in a way like this. I love the colours of her hair and it is something I could easily try and re-create in the future!

Friday, 11 December 2009


This is my final image for my DISP project, I shot my model in the studio and ink droplets on location and then put them all together in photoshop. It was like making a dress, knowing where to place each part of ink. I then took out the studio background and added a wall, then placing layers and layers of low opacity ink drops over the dress and background. I was mostly happy with this, however I think there is still work I could do to it. It is something I would like to do again, maybe with other materials.

Also today on Illusion 360 I saw this photograph, although the idea is not original I think it works really well here. The tag line is "If it has a face we will find it. Lumix with Face Recognition. Find and highlights your face in the pictures" Telling the consumer that this camera will find you in the photograph! Although from experience I cannot personally understand this function on cameras like this (its rubbish!) I love the advert and the eye peaking through!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Seth Sabal

When planning a photoshoot with my friend Sarah, a make up artist, she told me about a photographer who makes their models skinnier in photoshop. Although Sabal has created some controversy with this concept I think his photos are beautiful. The models are stunning and the lighting could realistically recreated. His photographs really inspire me and I want to incorporate his style in my upcoming projects! Making the models skinnier is in my mind a good idea, although fashion is criticized for doing it perhaps it would make my photos more professional?

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Guy Bourdin

Recently I have been looking for inspiration for my disp project, we were told not to photograph somebody and make them tiny in an image which is understandable, but I think this is a really interesting idea. Instead of trying to make something based on the borrowers this is real and charming. His photos are always edgy and I love how his photos feature other photos in, and here how this cut out woman coming out from the photograph! The idea is so simple yet unthought of and inspires me to think 'out of the photo'.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Blog Blog Blog

Hello Blog,
I'm a little warey of you, but your something I'm going to do, and do well! This is me exhibiting some work in London, looking pretty cool :)

So I thought I would start writing about one of my favorite photographers; Steven Meisel. This shoot for Vogue Italia in-titled 'State of Emergency' feature a fashion story based on Bush's war on terror. The photos are seen as disturbing by many but what always drew my attention to them was how Vogue would publish them knowing the reaction they would create. I love how overly dramatic yet clever they are. I love the contrast between these beautiful models and the situations they are in, especially the one on the airplane. I think what inspires me about them is how controversial they are and how they enable you to dream of doing bigger things. I think if I can start coming up with concepts like this I can create something that will also cause a stir, however that is something done so often now days maybe the better option is to do something safer.