Friday, 25 December 2009

Hello Kitty Lady Gaga

After my last post I was interested in finding other photos based on cartoons. After a google search I found this, Lady Gaga for Hello Kitty. Hey eyes have been photoshopped to manga very well so they almost look real. To me it is quite unnerving, he blank stare contrasted with the glamour of the image. It is surreal, but interesting! The bow is wonderful on her Monroe style hair and the gold behind her illuminates her like a goddess. I'm still not sure if i'm a Gaga fan, I think she's just something to be jealous over rather than idolise, she's something you'll never be and its quite depressing. She does bring alot of inspritation for photographic ideas, as her style becomes recognised and liked, giving opotunities to create something that will be liked by the masses.

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