Friday, 11 December 2009


This is my final image for my DISP project, I shot my model in the studio and ink droplets on location and then put them all together in photoshop. It was like making a dress, knowing where to place each part of ink. I then took out the studio background and added a wall, then placing layers and layers of low opacity ink drops over the dress and background. I was mostly happy with this, however I think there is still work I could do to it. It is something I would like to do again, maybe with other materials.

Also today on Illusion 360 I saw this photograph, although the idea is not original I think it works really well here. The tag line is "If it has a face we will find it. Lumix with Face Recognition. Find and highlights your face in the pictures" Telling the consumer that this camera will find you in the photograph! Although from experience I cannot personally understand this function on cameras like this (its rubbish!) I love the advert and the eye peaking through!

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