Thursday, 26 June 2014

Giant Trophy Fox Head Knitting Pattern

Horray! He's finally here! My giant Mr. Fox faux taxidermy head has arrived in kit and pattern form! He's big, soft and best of all didn't used to be alive. Wait ... best of all you can make him yourself and proudly hang him above the fire or in a kids bedroom (they love them!!) 

Mr. Fox can be brought as a pattern here or as a kit here

The pattern does require an additional purchase of a hand cut MDF back. These are made by my dad, every animal head I make uses these and it ensures the piece is secure and flat against the wall. You can find these here!

This is my deconstructed fox head, and shows everything that you need/comes in the kit! Including the yarn, toy stuffing, eyes, sewing up and knitting needles, fishing wire, sewing up yarn and the MDF back. The kit even comes in a hand stenciled hessian bag! You can see just how giant Mr. Fox is in the image below next to a standard size matchbox! 

Happy Knitting!!

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