Friday, 19 July 2013


Once again I've found myself to busy to write a simple blog post, I know its a terrible excuse, but since my last I've moved to London and officially launched my little knitting business, selling my pieces with the fabulous Molly-Meg. But lets not get ahead of ourselves!

Firstly I made some variations on my scarves, a red fox, new monkey, panda and a rather fluffy faux mink stole. I love taking custom orders and working out the pattern, especially when using lovely merino yarns.

Next I've been making lots and lots of animal heads, here's a set I made for a special celebrity client, each piece always has their own personality. Generally I'm making quite a few each month, and I really enjoy spending my time making them.

I was really lucky to actually sell some of my heads to the editor of Tatler, and have been told they're hanging in her office at Condé Nast. With this she also featured Mr. Fox on the Notes to Self page of this months Tatler, which I'm absolutely chuffed about!

Finally I've started working on a new project, mini fox head knitting kits, which will be available once my pattern's been finalised and I've had them tested! I will be on the hunt for UK knitters, so watch this space! 

I'd better get back to working on my fox pattern,





  1. I just love Your knitting!!
    Those cute animales makes me smile every time I see them ;o)

  2. Very cool designs!