Sunday, 13 January 2013


As many of my blog reader know I've only recently discovered the magic of Studio Ghibli, down to my boyfriend asking for a Totoro for Christmas. Since then I've watched most of the films and even brought a Totoro onesie that I never seem to take off, meaning nobody wants to be near me as it's beginning to smell. 

Anyway, for his birthday the boyfriend asked for a no-face. I must say out of all of the Ghibli movies I watched over Christmas Spirited Away was my favorite. I love Totoro as a character ever so much, but I spent the whole time watching it absolutely amazed. I was so drawn into it that I didn't even think about knitting throughout it, so being asked to make the odd spirit character was rather pleasant after seeing him knitting away towards the end of the film. He'd asked for one about the same size as his Totoro, but I had different plans. I wanted to make it more of a pillow, so he could give it hugs at night (obviously). 

I had some chunky black and white yarn left over from my other projects, and had been given a lilac colour that I doubled up a few times to match the thickness of the chunky and started knitting away. I have the pattern written down, so I am hoping to share it once its perfected. I used felt for the eyes and a whole bag of stuffing went into him. I was determined to do a life-sized one, however was stopped due to lack of yarn, but maybe thats something to do in the future. 

The botton two photos were taken at his new home, and feature all the knits I've made as presents. I'm not sure whats next, I quite fancy making Calcifer, as he's kinda cute. I'll be posting a pattern really soon for Chinese New Year which I'm working on at the moment so keep your eyes pealed! 





  1. OMG! How cool! I love spirited away, one of my fave movies :) xo

  2. hooray! getting awesomer and awesomer

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