Saturday, 5 January 2013


Today I'm blogging about some more Christmas gifts I made, all movie related. My poor wrists hurt so much during the week leading up to Christmas, and I managed to finish them just in time (Christmas Eve)! 

Looking back to the tiny 2d balloon pattern I posted this gift was the reason for its creation and documentation. My sister is a huge fan of Up, so I wanted to do something relating to it. I spent all my time on the tube knitting these balloons, brought a frame and some felt and spend a whole day sewing it together.

The second is a Batman sweater, which I was asked to knit for my sister's boyfriend. I used chunky yarn, and made the grid for the symbol. I think I could of downscaled the symbol slightly, but at least it makes it unique. I have posted a photo we received on Christmas day of Jake modelling his new Batman attire. 

Finally, this is the Captain America hat I made for my other sister, I did look at some of the designs of other hats on google to get a basic idea, as I was making it on Christmas Eve. Again I used chunky wool, and mother made the pompom, which I think brings the hat to life. 





  1. I'm in awe of your marathonic feat. Congratulations.

    The balloons are stunning. And what a challenge knitting with black yarn must have been. Your sisters --and boyfriend--are very lucky.

  2. I always love your work! xo