Monday, 2 July 2012

Wooly Hype

A few days ago I graduated. I received a 1st on my Commercial Photography degree. I've finally had my hair dyed grey, but I had to put some pinky/purple tones through it so it doesn't look yellow. Anyway I've been away from my blog for a while, I'd love to say its because I have been busy, but really I'm a little lazy and enjoying some time out.

For anyone following my blog you would have seen all the post on the making of my Wooly Head series. Those who haven't its my latest work that combines knitting and photography and I have been lucky enough to have had it featured on a few places online.

A few weeks ago I woke up to a huge surprise after being tweeted by @VinandOmi saying:

After clicking on the link I was wide awake, featured on Lost At E Minor was amazing, I guess that they found the work on my website. I had been featured as a designer, which makes me smile a little. The reception I have had from it was amazing, liked 375 times?!? Crazy. From that other blogs began to pick up on it. I wish I could thank everyone who featured me as it does make me feel very humble.

One of my current goals was to be featured on a website like Trend Hunter, the other to have a photo with loads of notes on tumblr! After a little while I had a google of myself, seeing where I had been featured, I tried Louise Walker photography, Louise Walker knitting and Louise Walker wooly head and found there my work was. It amazed me that from one blog it had been picked up by so many others and what had been written about it. My work had been pinned, tumblred and tweeted I was so happy.

Another website that I was very happy to be featured on was Bournemouth Vintage. Watch this space for wonderful things coming from their website. I'm really happy to be included with this project! 

Finally, I had a shout out from Frankie magazine, on their facebook and twitter page, which was so crazy. I had friends telling me it had happened and the response from it was all good! 

So, with all the good hype around my photos I was glad to have chosen them to be featured at my graduate show. If you are in London Wednesday or Thursday feel free to come and see them and some of the incredible work my class has created. 


10 am - 6 pm at the Candid Arts Trust Gallery


  1. I love the photographs and knitting, great job! Congrats on the coverage too!


  2. All those lovely animals, collars and those incredible woolly hats/wigs - you are so talented... and I wish I could knit when I see amazing beauties like these!