Monday, 20 February 2012


Sui He for i-D magazine 

I have been looking at Asian Models on blogspot for inspiration for my  hair and make up for my shoot. In my sketchbook I have already discussed how I need to be considerate of the model I use and her facial structure. By looking at all Asian models I will have a good idea of what to show my make up artist.

I really love the eye brows on Sui He for i-D magazine, I think having another line drawn over them is really interesting, and the red lips really stand out. Because the hair, lip stick and eyebrows are so strong her eyes have been left bare which I like, as it does look natural.

Sui He for Lane Crawford

The next image I found, also Sui He, really caught my attention. Because she does have such strong cheek bones I do not think she needs a huge amount of make up to make her look beautiful. I like the small amount of darkness beneath her eyes, and the red/pink lips really suit her. Also her hair is so pretty, which is something I could consider for my project. It is very simple, but edgy at the same time.

Tian Yi for Sephora

I wanted to look at this image because the eye make up is darker and more grundgy, however I am not sure how well it works here. For my taste it might be a little bit too much, especially when compared to the other model. I think her eyebrows could be a little better, however it is a look to consider with my project, just maybe a little more toned down. 

Lui Wen in Vogue China

With this editorial, I really love the black under her eyes and the slicked back hair, it makes it very contemporary and edgy. Could I consider this hair style with my images? I think I am starting to prefer lesser eye make up and darker lips, but it is still early days. 

Tian Yi in Vogue China

Looking at this I absolutely love her hair, it is cut so straight which makes it visually interesting to look at. I think it adds something else to these images, a new shape and I have never seen hair this simple yet edgy in a shoot. 

Jing Ma in Vogue China

I am not really a fan of the blonde hair/wig, however I do think the eyebrows are amazing. I am a big fan of massive eyebrows so this is something I would really like to try with my shoot. Her eye make up is also very powerful, but subtle at the same time which I think works really well with her features. 

Wang Xiao for Wonderland Magazine

I really love the hair here, the styling is a little too bright to consider for the shoot, but ignoring that I think the style could work with my concept, when referring to Breathless and the actresses pixie cut. 

Miao Bin Si in Elle Vietnam

I don't know if I am a fan of the purple make up, however I do really like the way it blends on the eyelid and almost touches the eyebrows. The lipstick works with the eye make up, but I think I want to stick to more blacks with the eye shadow.

Ming Xi for Numero China

I really love the bold make up here, it does really draw attention to her and is interesting to look at.

Wang Xiao in Vogue China

I like this image a lot more than the other heavy black eye make up image I found. I think it is much cleaner and works well because of the hair surrounding her face and the fringe. I also love how you can see the bold eye brows through the hair. 

Lee Hye and Lina Zhang in Schon Magazine

Really edgy hair cut, but I think it may be too much for my shoot. Love the length of the black hair. 

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