Matthew Brodie - Paper Dresses

The paper dress editorial by Matthew Brodie for Madame Magazine is nothing short of incredible. Once again I am looking at large scale props being used in a fashion context. Here the image are celebrating these hand made props whilst selling accessories such as bags and jewellery. The brilliant thing about fashion photography is how it sells a life style and here you want to become this woman dressed in paper. I think the images do hold some kind of childhood nostalgia, with the pencil sharpening dress or the flowing crate paper. The props bring you back to a scissors and glue craft project, yet the studio reminds you that it is a fashion image. Brodie's blog post shows the making of the props and you can see the work that has gone into them.

I think the lighting is really interesting, in the studio they could have been shot against bright white, however this adds to the quirkiness highlighting certain areas. I think the model fits with the style of the images, some what unconventional. I don't know if I'm a fan of the hair styles though out the whole series but I do really like these three images. I think they show that doing something your self can pay off and inspire me to really pull out all the stops in my project. 

Louise Walker

Louise Walker is an award winning knitting pattern and kit designer based in South London.

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