Monday, 31 October 2011

In Progress

A little update on my recent knits for my project. The photos are slightly terrible as I'm mainly knitting at night and taking them once I've finished an item! It is time consuming, but after my test shoot I'm hoping they'll look good in the location:

New lacey face fox, here I wanted to try 'making one' whilst knitting the face. I'm pretty happy with the results, the colour is also a lot more rustic (which you cannot tell from this photo) but I have only managed to give him front legs so far. 

I have also made a second pheasant, I am happier with this design than the first, probably because the wing is all stockinette stitch rather than the pattern I tried on the first! 

I have also finished the first antler and brought a plack for it (found in Boscombe for 50p!) I just need to get started on the second one and then figure out how to attach them to the mount. 

With my giant needles I started on a bear skin rug, It is slightly messy as I'm still getting used to knitting with such large needles. I used 6 strands of wool, I should have used 12 to make it neater and heavier but I couldn't really afford all the wool! I think if I was to do it again it would have more of a shape to it. I will knit the head using smaller (10mm) needles to give it more shape. 

I have also knitted some rabbits and a mink, I'm not too sure if I'll be using them as they have been slightly rushed. They are there as a back up though! 

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