Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Commercial Context

The work I am producing must have a commercial context, a ideal place that you would like it and where it would most fit in the industry. One of the problems with this is that we are now being told to leave this quite broad, students in my class that are doing advertising campaigns are being told to not use a product but rather make the work open to clients to see their products working with the images. This being a problem as we are being advised by an industry specialist to leave it open however our tutors still need that context for the curriculum. With the learning agreement we had to submit I put down two main choices for context; Another magazine and Oh Comely Magazine which I will now justify. 


My first choice of magazine would be Another, its high fashion and has features on arts, politics and literature. With what I am trying to achieve with my work if it all comes together it could be an interesting piece for this magazine. My work looks at the current issues of hunting, the craft in art and will also have a very slick final look. I have had a look through the magazine and online and have found a few articles on knitting and its rise in popularity. As Another is part of the dazed group it also has links to the Dazed online articles on knitwear and I also found this in a recent issue of Dazed and Confused. 

It is a small piece on Hannah Taylor's knitwear, showing both magazines are very aware of upcoming knitwear artists as well as having good photographs and editorials. Although knitting is a big thing in this project I do have to remember that I am the photographer and that is the course I am on, ultimately I am judged on the photos I take and if they would fit into this context. The only thing I would be concerned about with my photos is the over editing, magazines like W feature Erwin Olaf's work allowing for his photographic style, whilst some magazines and companies are now trying to promote more natural looking images. I know with Another the adverts and editorials are very high fashion, justifying the way I make my photos 

Oh Comely was the other main context I could consider for my work, still an upcoming magazine that is different to the glossy fashion publications. I felt my work could be considered here because it is quirky and kitsch. Oh Comely is know for its nostalgic articles and ideals which my work ultimately looks at. It is considering photography and textiles and has a interesting narrative behind it. Choosing Oh Comely is also a little less ambitious as it is still quite new, maybe allowing me a chance to submit my work and maybe have it published. 

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