I was waitressing at the comedy club and some men were complaining about the acts, one of them asked if I could tell a joke, I replied "I can't do that, but I can tell you something funny ... I'm from Essex".

For my final project of the year I decided to do something slightly different to my usual work, I am still unsure if this was a good decision in terms of grade chasing, however it was something I had to do whilst my home is still Essex.

With the images I decided to shoot in several different ways, not leaving enough time to finalise the style, so the series is a little mismatched. I wanted to portray the stereotypical image of the Essex girl, leaving out the identities of the models I used. The work is my response to the publicity from 'The Only Way is Essex' and has been minimally edited. There was a lot of 'fake' fake tan applied to my models who were brilliant throughout. There are several other images I have shot for the project that I will be featuring on my fashion club and under other sections of my website, so watch out for further updates.

Louise Walker

Louise Walker is an award winning knitting pattern and kit designer based in South London.

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