Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Live on BBC Essex Radio

Today I was on the BBC Essex Radio, talking about my fashion club and the Essex Stereotype!! Being interviewed was quite nerve racking, I was asked to come into the studio and if I didn't have an upcoming deadline I would have loved to! We talked about the typical Essex girl, and how it is perceived as 'glamourous' by aspiring wags, and almost a combat against it, through the fashion club and Daphne Field's Ewag Group!

We talked about how fake eyelashes and this ambition to be glamorous was acceptable in the 40s/50s (all eras really), but I don't think it was mentioned enough how it is not the fact we want to look good, rather the associations with the Essex Girl. Women fought hard to earn the right to vote and to aspire to be a footballer's wife by following the stereotype can't be a good thing. There are so many creative and uniquely styled people all over Essex, we should aspire to be creative and successful, and be proud of personal style, rather than living up to this bad image.

On another note, I'm shooting a Vajazzle image for my project tomorrow - we can't take ourselves too seriously!

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