Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Swimmingly Good Fashion

Today was my second Essex shoot, I managed to find a pool to shoot in that had the most beautiful butterfly shape in it! I started working with a lovely new model called Emma, who I found on model mayhem and she was brilliant in the pool! My stylist, Youles, and I found the dress in a charity shop for £15 which was great because it matched the palette I wanted to use for styling. I've been working on a couple of rough edits, debating if it should be darker!

My inspiration for this shot was the Micheal Barrymore pool incident, but using a fashion twist, its somewhat obscure at the moment but hopefully will work in the whole series as the final image; 'the parties over'. Everybody keeps telling me to watch The Only Way is Essex, but I don't get why I should when its outside my back door! Its hard to shake the stereotype, but I guess there are people like it everywhere!

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