With all our hand ins out the way I now finally have some time to relax, so I thought it share my two final images for the Digital Darkroom project. I have not really written about it on here so here I go! The project was to look at Gaia and shoot two photos for a magazine. I chose to do fashion and the idea of recycling. I wanted the idea to lead on from my DISP work as I loved creating the image, however I did not want to do it all in photoshop, but rather build something in the studio. I did not want to do the traditional dress made out of news paper and create something at a bigger scale than my DISP. I wanted to create a recycled refuge for the 'last beautiful people' using clothes and pretty objects to create it.

This is the double page spread for the magazine, I used shirts and lampshades, adding in a few things on photoshop and playing with the tones until I found something that worked.

I wanted the front cover to be more punchy than the double page spread, I used the same type of editing. The origional was very bleached out so I spent along time reconstructing her hat, adding most of the texture back in to the highlighted areas.

Louise Walker

Louise Walker is an award winning knitting pattern and kit designer based in South London.

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