Tuesday, 6 April 2010


With all our hand ins out the way I now finally have some time to relax, so I thought it share my two final images for the Digital Darkroom project. I have not really written about it on here so here I go! The project was to look at Gaia and shoot two photos for a magazine. I chose to do fashion and the idea of recycling. I wanted the idea to lead on from my DISP work as I loved creating the image, however I did not want to do it all in photoshop, but rather build something in the studio. I did not want to do the traditional dress made out of news paper and create something at a bigger scale than my DISP. I wanted to create a recycled refuge for the 'last beautiful people' using clothes and pretty objects to create it.

This is the double page spread for the magazine, I used shirts and lampshades, adding in a few things on photoshop and playing with the tones until I found something that worked.

I wanted the front cover to be more punchy than the double page spread, I used the same type of editing. The origional was very bleached out so I spent along time reconstructing her hat, adding most of the texture back in to the highlighted areas.

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