Sunday, 31 January 2010


Steven Meisel: Vogue Patterns

Sebastian Faena: Pop True Faith

At the moment I am quite interested in photographs which blend into the background, looking through Art and Commerce I found a variety of photos that really inspired me. The first is Steven Meisel, his Vogue Pattern editorial is really interesting and feminine. I like the way it takes you through these different colours and well thought out materials, especially here as her dress flows out onto the floor. The women are transformed into the material, their skin is drawn on to with stars and pin-up girl like tattoos which really interests me. I find these photos indulgent, elegant and stunning to look at as they do something that traditionally shouldn't work.
The second image is by Sebastian Faena for Pop Truth Faith, I love how it is the complete opposite to Meisel. I find the image nude, the colours are all very similar skin tones and the model blends into the attire she is wearing. The idea is the model is dressed up like a nun, then conflicting that idea by the implement of nudity. I believe it has some relation to the concepts of rock 'n' roll as she model has a quiff, I find this interesting as the 'bad boys' of rock 'n' roll who celebrated sexuality and ended the age of innocence. Perhaps it is saying true faith is that rock 'n' roll life style. The nude colours could connote sex, the cigarette being drugs and the hair style rock 'n' roll?

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Richard Burnbridge

At the moment I am trying to think of ideas for new projects. I want to get into taking fashion images, I have always been interested in looking at them but never confident enough to do it. I am therefore looking at different fashion photographers and how they are taking them! I am more interested in the posing and how to make my photos look professional and beautiful! This photograph caught my eye when researching. I love the movement in her body and hands and how her head is still. The photo itself does not really inspire me but the pose and idea of movement does.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Storm Troopers

On Flickr I found a load of photos by somebody called Stefan! He's not a professional photographer but I found so many of his photos funny and interesting, especially this one (probably because I love the colour red). I think I am being draw to quite simple yet well thought out ideas, such as the balloon breakfast! I love how all of these are just him setting them up and taking the photo! Rather than something unbelievable in photoshop!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Ian Crawford

I looked at Crawford's work when exploring ideas for my DISP project. I especially liked this one. His work explores texture and freezing movement, all whilst the models are beautiful and unnerved by whatever is hitting them! I love the shape of this one and the way he has captured that moment the powder hits her face. It amazes me how it has been captured and really opens my eyes to new ideas!