Thursday, 19 September 2013

Crafty Blog Tour: Stephanie Dosen's Woodland Knits

Woodland Knits, a Tiny Owl Knits Collection by Stephanie Dosen, was an absolute treat to receive in the post from my friends at Crafty Magazine as part of their book tour surrounding its release. And what could be better than reviewing it whilst on holiday surrounded by beautiful woodlands. 

When I first saw Stephanie Dosen's work I was beginning to realise knitting could be much more than just scarves and hats. I was intrigued by artists such as Shauna Richardson but found Tiny Owl Knits was much more accessible. And with the release of this book, with over 20 of her patterns, some favourites and some brand new, Stephanie's work is sure to be admired by all.

The book features a range of patterns primarily for adults but also includes children's sizes, such as the 'Deer With Little Antlers Hat' (the cover shot) and the fairy wings which fit all ages. Also with some felting projects, crochet and a little embroidery it has a challenge for everyone. 

My personal favourites are those with motifs on, with the 'Oh My Bear' being the one I'll knit first. Others such as the 'Meow Mitts' and 'Fawn Poncho' are also super cute. 

I felt perhaps the book is aimed at a slightly older audience than I, some patterns were also a little too elven for my taste, but overall it is full of inspiring and well made knits. I did feel the yarn choices for each project were gorgeous, with lots of Rowan beauties, as well an a Erika Knight Fur Wool I couldn't keep my eyes off. 

I also really enjoyed all the little descriptions and notes throughout the pages, they're a perfect way of ensuring Stephanie's personality was heard. The illustrated owl experience levels linked in perfectly with this. 

One of the things that really stood out to me was the presentation of the book and how well it represented Tiny Owl Knits as a brand. The patterns all have enchanting boarders around them and I love the darker pages with the lighter motifs. The theme is always present with everything working well together.

Although the presentation was really strong I did find in places that the photography could have been a little better. Perhaps I'm a little biased here, but I would have loved to have seen images as powerful as the cover throughout the book. 

Overall I'd definitely recommend this book to any knitter who's a fan of wildlife or forest whimsy, and especially those who have been following Tiny Owl Knits. Having the patterns in a physical form, such as a book, really suits them and it will fit in well on my book shelf. 

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