Thursday, 30 August 2012


What has recently caught my attention is the Baroque revival/influenced clothing for fall 2012. Seeing the return of luxury fabrics, embroidery and craftsmanship excites me as this is an opportunity to stand out in beautiful golds and blacks. 

Looking at there were so many beautiful photos from the Aquilano Rimondi, Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, Giles, Mary Katrantzou and Marchesa shows. I have pulled a few of my favourites from the site, which inspire me the most. The regal look of well placed gold pieces is something I am incredibly interested in, as well as the embroidered dresses and religious aspects of some of the pieces.

I started looking on etsy for some pieces similar to those I saw online and found these, however I doubt I could find something as extravagant as the runway in my budget! 

Continuing my search, I went looking to see if there was anything similar in knitting. There are so many different types of knitted collars, but nothing I could find in a baroque style. I feel I was attracted to the first one because of the colours used, but not the style it has been done in. The second is similar, but simpler. I have tried knitting a collar before but it was not much of a success, so I think I need some careful planning and looking into other patterns before starting my own.

A quick knitting search including baroque pointed me to this. I like the pattern, but like the two collars it doesn't have an elegant or luxury feel. Perhaps this is something I could look into reinventing, looking at the textile patterns of the dresses on the runway and creating my own knitting version of it. Watch this space for some developments of my baroque knitting project! 

Thursday, 16 August 2012

What I've Been Knitting - Adventure Time

Like most people my age I watch ever so much Adventure Time. I had a google/instagram look around for people who had knitted various characters and found there were a few out there, but not a whole handmade set, making it my mission to start knitting them all. I didn't just want to use wool, as I feel when trying to make cartoon like eyes out of yarn it often looks a little odd. I decided to get the fabric glue out and buy some felt to do some of the details of the characters with, as I had experimented a little with it, making a strange bat like creature whilst watching The Dark Knight Rises. 

Essentially they would not be children's toys, but more of a collectors set for one of my friends. I need to get the needles for these back out and finish them as I wanted to give the set away on facebook. Maybe that could make for a nice Christmas give away?