Monday, 4 July 2011

You'll Speak When You're Spoken To

Everything's a bit of a mess at the moment. I now know not to unpack everything in 5 minutes desperately trying to find a boob tube to wear. I've finally finished my second year at uni and I've found I've lost interest in photography, fashion, most things really. So I've decided to write more personal blogs and see where they take me. Recently I let the people around pull me down and everything got kind of hazy and I'm just coming out of the daze.

I think it takes a lot to realise your own potential, if you are a less than confident person you worry about others judgement and this definitely holds me back. I have a year left to 'grow up' and face those people. I'm going to California after I graduate; photographer or not.

Over the last few months I have grown back into myself, especially as somebody took so much of that away at the start of uni. I'm realising that no one can define me and even if another person makes you feel insecure, unattractive and lonely its not my problem they're heartless.

So to continue being myself I was 'allowed' some new glasses! Featured in my photo they are by the fabulous Specsavers! When choosing them my glasses consultant informed me it was the older generations mainly interested in the pair and tried to redirect me to the Gok section. Bun that, these are purple.

And finally rediscovering a love for the Editors.

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