Tuesday, 5 July 2011

There's a lot to do while your head is still young

Today started well, a lazy morning of knitting, thrilling murder mystery tv and the best of Belle & Sebastian. The happiness I had of finally having a freshly washed boob tube that I could pair up with my favourite Zara skirt was quickly destroyed by being told it was inappropriate to wear to my trip to the job agency. So I covered up and off to Witham we went.

After filling out some forms we had a quick look round the charity shops, which are 'the best' according to my sister. I was quite happy as I found some cheap wool - £1.30 DK Kaleidoscope, a vase to put the flowers I am making in and a brilliant skirt. (Sorry for the horrible quality of the photos) The skirt was £3 from the YMCA shop and as it was quite long I decided to diy it and turn it into a dress. Using a belt and unzipping it I roughly made it up, I'll have to sew a little bit of it up for it to be wearable! Another item to add to my floordrobe :)

charity shop win!

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